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George W. Swartz II

Managing Partner - General Practice York and Adams Counties


Attorney George W. Swartz, II, Esquire, is a native of the Hanover and South Central Pennsylvania area.  He is a managing partner in the firm and manages the firm’s Financial Operations.

Attorney Swartz is a graduate of Hanover High School and West Chester University.  He attended the University of Baltimore School of Law, where he graduated early with an emphasis in Real Estate Law.  Attorney Swartz joined the legal team of Mooney and Associates in 2005 immediately after he finished law school.

He began his legal career under the tutelage of John J. Mooney, III, Esquire, in all facets of his general practice.  After this extensive and in depth training, Attorney Swartz began by servicing clients in the York, Adams and Hanover areas covered by Mooney and Associates.

In 2014, he took over the Gettysburg division of Mooney and Associates and began to focus his service in Adams County to help build the firms influence there.  Attorney Swartz handles all types of Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Family Law, Estate Administration, Estate Document Preparation and Real Estate Transaction work and has a vast amount of experience dealing with these types of cases.  Attorney Swartz has worked hard to satisfy his client’s needs and goals and has a great team working with him to ensure this will continue.  His general practice paralegal is Devy Lua Lua who is an excellent paralegal, and speaks Spanish for our clients who would feel more comfortable doing so.

Attorney Swartz has as his absolute goals to keep his clients informed, to identify the client’s goals and needs, and to then strive to achieve these with as minimal cost to the client as possible.  He and his clients have worked together successfully for many years and in doing so he has developed an excellent reputation in the York, Adams and Hanover areas.  Attorney Swartz is ready to serve you.

Attorney Swartz, along with his wife and 2 sons, reside in Adams County, Pennsylvania, in the Hanover area.  His favorite thing to do is to spend time with his family.    Attorney Swartz has been on the Hanover Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors and was the president of the Family Law Section of the York County Bar Association.


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