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Mooney Law Thanks All Essential Workers Through This COVID-19 Crisis

The Coronavirus has sparked fear in most Americans.  Increased infections, increased deaths, an erratic government response, and more spark more increased anxiety among thousands of Pennsylvanians working from home and socially isolating.  One thing we have learned through this process is that our definition of essential workers has rapidly developed. Mooney Law would like to […]

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Closure of “Non-Essential” Businesses Causing Increased Financial Strain – Is Bankruptcy Right for Me Amidst the Coronovirus Pandemic?

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has ordered the closure of “non-essential” business in the wake of exponential spread of Covid-19, also known as Coronovirus. Similar closures are happening in states across the country and the federal government is working to contain the dire economic impacts. Proposals include stimulus packages, increased unemployment benefits, tax relief, corporate bailouts, […]

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A Few Guidelines for Divorce/Separated Parents Sharing Custody of Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In light of the difficult times we are all facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the following co-parenting guidelines have been put together by attorneys and judges intended to be shared with separated families during the pandemic that we are currently facing. BE HEALTHY. Comply with all CDC and local and state guidelines and model […]

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COVID-19: A Parallel to Caring for an Aging Parent

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented disruption in our lives, forcing us to rearrange our daily routines and confront the fragility of life, not too dissimilar to the challenges faced by families caring for an aging parent. While many feel compelled to remain home to avoid exposure to the virus, other families recognize the uncertainty and […]

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Mooney Law Remains Accessible Through Coronavirus

The Governor of Pennsylvania has temporarily closed businesses due to the Coronavirus.  However, Mooney Law remains accessible remotely for our clients and new clients.  Despite our offices being closed to the public to protect our staff and clients, Mooney Law remains available by the following methods, 24/7 every day. Phone:  717-200-HELP or 833-MOONEYLAW Email: […]

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workers' comp wage loss benefits

What is The Burden of Proof for a Pennsylvania Workers Comp Claim Petition?

When an injured worker files a Claim Petition, in order to win, all elements of a claim petition must be met.  So what does that mean? The court has stated the case law on a claim petition.  “In a claim petition, a claimant bears the burden of proving all the necessary elements for an award […]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Divorce

Divorce is an unfortunate reality that many people face. The divorce process is confusing, and you may find yourself overwhelmed and unsure of your next steps. Here are some pointers for navigating through a divorce matter. These are the Dos and Don’ts of Divorce. Do retain an attorney. Divorce law is challenging, and the more […]

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What is an IME and how will it affect my auto accident case?

The term “IME” is an acronym for “Independent Medical Exam.”  That said, there really is not such a thing as a truly “Independent” medical exam.  These exams are not typically ordered by some independent neutral.  The doctor chosen to do the exam is not handpicked to be fair by a judge.  These doctors are hired […]

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Top Ten Reasons You May File Chapter 13 Instead of Chapter 7

When considering whether to file bankruptcy, there may be significant factors that determine whether  Chapter 13 or chapter 7 is best for you.  Personal bankruptcy generally consists of a liquidation chapter, otherwise known as Chapter 7.  It also includes Chapter 13, otherwise known as a  reorganization/repayment chapter.  The most significant analysis to be done for […]

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