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Should I Accept Lump Sum Settlement? | Mooney & Associates

4 Important Factors in Settling your Pennsylvania Workers Comp Case

There are four important factors of a Pennsylvania workers compensation settlement that you should think about. A lump sum amount of money can sound great. After all, as an injured worker, you may be behind on bills, owe family or friends money due to the injury, or simply need the money for other reasons. I […]

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Pennsylvania: Non-Probate does not mean Non-Taxable in Estate Law

At Mooney Law, we have had to address recent confusion related to the taxability of non-probate assets. In order to probe the issue further, we must first understand the basics of estate administration. In Pennsylvania, Probate is the process by which a loved one’s assets and debts are gathered upon their passing. Assets are converted […]

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Pennsylvania releases the maximum 2019 Average Weekly Wage for Workers Compensation

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has released it’s 2019 average weekly wage rates for Workers Compensation. The average weekly wage determines the corresponding compensation rate that an injured worker is paid while out of work due to the work injury. Correct calculation of the average weekly wage is critical in a Pennsylvania workers […]

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Common Mistakes when Applying for Social Security Disability

Applying for social security disability can be confusing, complex, time consuming, and frustrating.  It is also intimidating due to the fact that approximately 70% of all applications are denied. So what are the common mistakes made when applying for social security disability benefits?  Incomplete Work History.  Work history and whether an applicant can perform past […]

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Pennsylvania Eliminates Drivers License Suspension for Drug and Underage Drinking Offenses

Since 1994 any person convicted of the possession or sale of controlled substances or the underage consumption or possession of alcohol has been subject to a suspension of their driving privileges. Thanks to a new bill signed by Governor Wolf on October 24, 2018 those suspensions are coming to an end. As it stands, any […]

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Cracking Down on Hazing in Pennsylvania Schools

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the rest of the country were shaken when a 19-year-old engineering student at Penn State University died during an alcohol-fueled fraternity initiation rite in February 2017. Timothy Piazza of Lebanon, New Jersey, died of head and spleen injuries suffered while drunkenly falling multiple times, including twice down a flight of […]

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With Winter Weather On The Way, Be Careful With Slip and Falls at Work

Winter weather is in our forecast.  Some areas of Central Pennsylvania could see between 5 and 8 inches of snow this week, mainly on Thursday.   With snow and ice here, drive ways, parking lots, and sidewalks become very slippery.  Take extra time and be careful. What happens if you slip and fall at work on […]

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Changes To Pennsylvania DUI Driver’s License Suspensions Have Taken Effect

Since last year, the way PennDOT has handled the suspension of operating privileges of those convicted of a DUI offense has been changing. Previously, the use of an ignition interlock device, (sometimes referred to as a “blow and go”) was reserved for those convicted of second and subsequent DUI offenses and the use of the […]

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Social Security recipients will receive a 2.8% increase in 2019

Social Security recipients will be receiving a 2.8% cost of living adjustment in 2019. It is the largest increase in seven years. In terms of dollars, the average Social Security benefit should rise by $39 a month to $1,461 per month in 2019. For a retired couple, the average social security benefit will rise by […]

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