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A strict set of laws govern business, employment, and real estate. Even involuntary violations of business law can render your transactions illegal — and you can be held solely responsible. We are the business attorneys and employment attorneys you need guiding your transactions to ensure they stay legal – and profitable. Mooney Law is here for you with 14 locations throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland to help with your business and real estate needs.

Business & Commercial Law

Need a legal partner for your business? Our business law team provides businesses with the legal expertise needed for business formation & setup, collection & litigation, contracts, mergers & acquisitions, business tax law, and intellectual property.
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Real Estate Law

Buying or selling real estate? Don’t try to navigate real estate law alone. Count on an experienced real estate attorney to handle the legal aspects of buying & selling real estate, liens, taxation, boundary issues, and refinancing.
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At Mooney Law, we are part of the local community. Our team works alongside you as you live, work, and play. 

As part of the community, we offer residents business and real estate legal services. We understand the complexities of business and real estate law, and our approach is always personalized, ensuring that we address the specific challenges and opportunities our clients face.

If you are starting a business, need advice, interested in investing in real estate, or have any other legal need, we are here to help. 

How We Help Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland Businesses

At Mooney Law, we provide a wide array of legal services tailored specifically to meet the needs of businesses. Our expertise encompasses several key areas essential for the success and protection of your business. 

Here’s a closer look at the legal services we offer.

Business Formation and Structure

Choosing the right structure for your business is foundational to its success. We guide you through the business formation process, including selecting the appropriate entity type—LLC, corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship. Our advice covers the implications of each choice in terms of liability, taxation, and operational flexibility, ensuring that your business has the best possible start.

Contract Law

Contracts are at the heart of business operations. Our team assists in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts to protect your interests. This includes employment contracts, service agreements, leases, and purchase agreements. We ensure that your contracts are clear, enforceable, and aligned with your business goals, minimizing the potential for disputes.

Intellectual Property Protection

In today’s competitive market, protecting your intellectual property is crucial. We offer services to safeguard your trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets. From the initial application process to defending against infringement, our team is dedicated to ensuring your innovations and brand identity are securely protected.

Employment Law

Navigating the complexities of employment law can be challenging. We counsel on compliance with state and federal regulations, including wage laws, employee benefits, workplace safety, and discrimination laws. Additionally, we assist in creating employee handbooks, policies, and procedures that foster a positive and legally compliant workplace environment.

Merger and Acquisition Support

Our attorneys offer comprehensive support for businesses looking to grow through mergers or acquisitions. We handle due diligence, negotiate terms, draft acquisition agreements, and guide you through regulatory approval. We aim to ensure a smooth transition that maximizes value and minimizes risk.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Despite best efforts, disputes can arise. Our team is skilled in dispute-resolution techniques, including negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. When litigation is necessary, we represent your interests vigorously in court, always aiming to achieve the best possible outcome while minimizing disruption to your business.

At Mooney Law, our mission is to provide the legal support businesses in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland need to thrive. From the initial formation to daily operations, growth strategies, and navigating legal challenges, our comprehensive services are designed to offer peace of mind and a solid foundation for your success.

Legal Services in Real Estate Law

At Mooney Law, we offer specialized legal services in real estate law to support property owners, buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants. Our understanding of the real estate market and legal landscape ensures our clients receive expert guidance through every phase of their real estate transactions and disputes. 

Here’s a detailed look at the real estate legal services we provide.

Property Transactions

Our team offers comprehensive support for all types of real estate transactions. This includes drafting and reviewing purchase agreements, conducting title searches to ensure clear property titles, and guiding clients through closing. We assist with residential, commercial, and industrial property transactions, ensuring that every detail is addressed to protect our clients’ interests.

Zoning and Land Use

Navigating zoning laws and land use regulations is crucial for property development and use. We provide advice and representation for obtaining necessary permits, seeking variances, and appealing zoning decisions. We work to help our clients maximize their property’s potential while remaining compliant with local regulations.

Leasing and Property Management

We represent landlords and tenants in drafting and negotiating lease agreements for residential and commercial properties. Our services ensure lease terms are clear, fair, and enforceable, covering rent, maintenance, and termination clauses. For property managers, we offer legal guidance on tenant relations, eviction processes, and compliance with housing laws.

Real Estate Disputes

Disputes are common in real estate, whether they involve boundary issues, easements, contract disagreements, or landlord-tenant conflicts. Our team is experienced in resolving these disputes through negotiation, mediation, and, when necessary, litigation. We work diligently to achieve resolutions that protect our client’s rights and interests.

Real Estate Financing

Securing financing is a critical step for many real estate transactions. We assist clients in navigating the complexities of mortgages, refinancing, and equity loans. Our services include reviewing loan agreements and advising on financing structures to ensure the terms are favorable and minimize risks.

Environmental Compliance

Environmental regulations can significantly impact real estate projects. We counsel on compliance with environmental laws, including assessments, remediation of contaminated sites, and navigating regulatory requirements for development projects. We work to help clients manage environmental risks effectively.

At Mooney Law, we understand the importance of real estate in the lives of individuals and businesses. Our comprehensive real estate legal services are designed to support our clients through every aspect of their real estate endeavors, offering peace of mind and ensuring that their property interests are well-protected. 

Personalized Legal Services for Every Client

What sets Mooney Law apart is our commitment to personalized service. We believe that every client deserves our full attention and the benefit of our expertise. Our business and real estate lawyers in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland take the time to listen to your concerns, understand your objectives, and tailor our services to meet your needs.

We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients, offering guidance and support as your legal needs evolve. Our goal is to be not just your attorneys but your trusted advisors, providing the clarity and confidence you need to make informed decisions about your business and real estate matters.

Proactive and Responsive Legal Representation

In the fast-paced business and real estate world, opportunities and challenges can arise unexpectedly. Our team is proactive, anticipating potential legal issues before they become problems and responding swiftly to any developments that may affect your interests. We are always accessible, ensuring you can reach us when you need us most.

Our attorneys stay at the forefront of legal and industry developments, enabling us to offer advice that is not only current but also forward-thinking. We are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of the legal system, minimizing risks, and maximizing opportunities.

A Trusted Partner in Your Success

At Mooney Law, we view ourselves as more than just your attorneys. We are your partners in success, dedicated to helping you achieve your business and real estate goals. Our expertise in business and real estate law and our commitment to personalized service make us the ideal choice for individuals and businesses.

Whether you’re facing a specific legal challenge or seeking ongoing legal support, our team is ready to assist you. We invite you to experience the difference our dedicated, client-focused approach can make. 

Contact Mooney Law today to learn how our business and real estate attorneys in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland can help you confidently navigate the legal landscape and achieve your goals.

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