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With Winter Weather On The Way, Be Careful With Slip and Falls at Work

Winter weather is in our forecast.  Some areas of Central Pennsylvania could see between 5 and 8 inches of snow this week, mainly on Thursday.   With snow and ice here, drive ways, parking lots, and sidewalks become very slippery.  Take extra time and be careful. What happens if you slip and fall at work on […]

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Mooney & Associates wins work injury

Mooney & Associates wins work injury case involving pre-existing knee arthritis and total knee replacement

Mooney Atty Mark Buterbaugh helps a local woman receive the compensation she deserved after needing knee surgery despite her employers attempts to deny it.

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7 Biggest Workers Compensation Myths

The Seven Big Myths About Pennsylvania Workers Compensation

Let Mooney & Associates Attorney Mark Buterbaugh help you understand 7 of the most commonly misunderstood or mistaken myths when it comes to PA Workers Compensation Law.

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Forklift operator loading cargo into trailer at a warehouse

Six Common Warehouse and Distribution Center Work Injuries

South Central Pennsylvania is one of the fastest growing areas in the development of warehouses and distribution centers. Due to this fact, warehouse injuries are on the rise in the region. Read on to learn about the top 6 work place injuries and what options you have if you find yourself in one of these unfortunate situations.

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be cautious of year end settlement offers

Injured Workers Should Be Cautious With Year End Settlement Offers

With 2018 on the horizon, insurance carriers are tying up loose ends before the new year. This can lead to settlements to claims that aren’t ready to be settled, carried out in the name of convenience. Read on for advice that will help you decide what’s right for you.

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Learn more about the harrisburg worker compensation case where mooney won a $117,500 concussion case

Concussion Case Settles for $117,500 in Harrisburg

Mooney & Associates attorney Mark Buterbaugh settles a Harrisburg workers compensation case for $117,500. The worker suffered from a concussion on the job – learn more about how his case was won.

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Learn about the complex interplay between social security and workers' comp settlement

Workers’ Compensation Settlement and Social Security Disability

Are you aware of the interplay between a lump sum workers’ compensation settlement and social security disability benefits? Learn more about the complex connection between workers compensation and social security benefits today.

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Can you reopen a workers comp claim?

Can I Reopen my Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Claim?

Can you re-open a Pennsylvania workers compensation claim? When injured workers return to work or get a new job and the injury returns, it’s important to know your workers compensation options and rights. Learn more today.

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federal workers compensation case

Proving a Federal Workers Compensation Case

If you’re a federal employee that’s been injured on the job, it’s important to know what you must prove for federals workers compensation. Learn more about the specific details of federal workers compensation and how to win your case.

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