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Declaring Bankruptcy Can Be Smart Financial Strategy. Just Ask President Trump. Ask A Mooney Law Bankruptcy Attorney

Like him or not, President Trump is an indisputably cunning businessman.  He’s a billionaire who has built an international real estate empire and brand.  And he has unapologetically declared Bankruptcy several times throughout the decades.   Bankruptcy has it’s stigma.  Is the stigma of bankruptcy keeping you from taking advantage of what could be the […]

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Attorney Wade Parker named Top 15 Consumer Bankruptcy Law in Pennsylvania

Attorney Wade Parker, senior Bankruptcy Counsel for Mooney Law, has been named to the National Advocates Top 100 and specifically as National Advocates Top 15 Consumer Law attorneys in Pennsylvania. This prestigious recognition comes after years of hard work and dedication of representing individuals in personal bankruptcy.   Attorney Parker primarily represents Mooney Law clients […]

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Student Loans and Filing Personal Bankruptcy

Many people who file personal bankruptcy also have student loan debt.  The obvious question they have regarding student loan debt is how that debt is treated in bankruptcy.   Let’s first start with the fact that in most cases, student loans are non-dischargeable debt.  That means they survive bankruptcy.  At the end of your bankruptcy, […]

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Saving Your Vehicle in Personal Bankruptcy

A frequently asked question when a client meets with us regarding bankruptcy is  — is there a way of saving my vehicle if I file personal bankruptcy? Often times, the vehicle is relatively new and the client does not want to give it up. Additionally, many clients simply need their car to get back and […]

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Explaining the differences in Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Chapters and Options for You

I recently met with a couple that had heard Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the one “that the Trustee finds out how much you make and then takes all your income.”  This was, of course, wrong. The purpose of this article is to explain the differences between the bankruptcy options.  One bankruptcy remedy may work better […]

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Protect Yourself from Home Foreclosure | Mooney & Associates

Protect Your Home from Foreclosure

Are you behind on your home mortgage and considering applying for a home loan modification with your lender? Before you do, check out this article and learn about the potential ramifications of utilizing the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).

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Affordable Debt Relief in Pennsylvania

Before choosing the Debt Settlement Program over bankruptcy, it’s important to understand how typical Debt Settlement Programs work. Read on to learn more about how to obtain affordable debt relief and what options are available to you.

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Bankruptcy: Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Many people dealing with bankruptcy are confused by the process or have heard misinformation about how bankruptcy works. In order to clear up some of the confusion about filing bankruptcy, we’ve listed the top four bankruptcy questions and answers.

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