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Smiling couple shaking agents hand at a real estate closing

What is a real estate closing?

Mooney Attorney George Swartz explains what a real estate closing is, how the timeline of events progress, and who you should consult throughout this sometimes complicated process.

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man looking at blueprints for home zoning purposes

Zoning for your new small or home-based business

Take some time to learn from Mooney Attorney James Welch how to navigate the confusing zoning process associated with running your business from home. From start to finish, he explains the hurdles and how to overcome them.

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Mortgage Foreclosure Process Explained

Explaining the Mortgage Foreclosure Process, Part I

Mooney & Associates Attorney George Swartz explains the first half of the mortgage foreclosure process, as well as the different options you have, given your specific situation. Read more to learn about the first half of this two part article.

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Protect Yourself from Home Foreclosure | Mooney & Associates

Protect Your Home from Foreclosure

Are you behind on your home mortgage and considering applying for a home loan modification with your lender? Before you do, check out this article and learn about the potential ramifications of utilizing the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).

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