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What is considered income for Pennsylvania Child Support?

Many clients ask the question of what is actually considered income for Pennsylvania child support. Generally, income is based upon at least a six month average of all of an individual’s income. This includes income from every source, including: Wages, salaries, bonuses, fees and commissions; Net income from business or dealings in property; Interest, rents, […]

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New law changes who can seek custody of minor children in Pennsylvania

In May of this year, Act 21 amended 23 Pa.C.S.A. Section 5324 and Section 5325(2) of the Pennsylvania Domestic Relations Code to change who can seek standing in child custody actions. Standing is a legal concept that essentially requires the person seeking judicial relief is entitled to be in court in the first place. It’s […]

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Personal Information Policy Change in PA

New Pennsylvania Personal Information Policy

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has issued new rules to protect personal information for those persons involved with the courts. When you hire a lawyer to help you with whatever kind of situation you are facing, protecting your identity and personal information is probably one of the last things you think about.

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Learn more about grandparent custody rights in Pennsylvania

Grandparent Custody Rights in Pennsylvania

Parents aren’t the only family members who are afforded the right to seek custody of children in PA. Grandparents may also have the right to seek sole or primary custody, partial custody, or visitation of their grandchildren. Find out how.

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Know your rights in a child custody relocation case

Child Custody Relocation – Can My Ex-Spouse Control Where I Live?

When a parent with primary or shared custody of a child is moving, what is legally expected of them? Learn more about child location custody, what are your rights, and what options are available to you.

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Selecting YOUR Family Law Lawyer using the Three Cs

The importance of finding the right family lawyer is crucial when dealing with divorce, custody agreements, and child support. Check out the Three C’s of choosing a family lawyer to help you make the right decision for you and your family.

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What is a PFA Family Law? | Mooney & Associates

What is a PFA in Family Law?

When dealing with a Protection from Abuse (PFA) case, it is important for both sides to understand the procedure and it’s ramifications. Learn more about PFA’s: how long they last, what kinds there are, and how they’ll impact your life.

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child custody

Answers to Common Child Custody Questions

When you are seeking child custody, there are many questions you will want answered. Check out the answers to the typical questions parents have when beginning the child custody process. Learn more today.

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Custody & Social Media

It’s tempting to use social media to garner sympathy in a custody. However your behavior on social media can often negatively impact your custody case. Check out some helpful tips on how to handle social media when you’re seeking custody.

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