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workers compensation income tax return paperwork

Are Workers Comp or Social Security Disability Benefits Taxable?

Mooney Attorney Mark Buterbaugh answers some common questions he’s asked regarding Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability during tax season. He goes on to explain some theoretical scenarios to help you further understand.

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Social Security Application and using a Chiropractor

Can I rely on my Chiropractor for my social security disability claim?

Mooney & Associates Attorney Mark Buterbaugh explains the nuances of using a chiropractor for the social security disability application process, how this process recently changed and how it may affect you during your own application process.

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Mooney Explains Disability Benefits and their differences

Explaining ‘Disability’ and the differences between private insurance and social security disability

Disability benefits are often confusing. This article by Attorney Mark Butterbaugh explains the differences between social security disability and long term and short term disability. Read on to learn more about the nuances that make up the three types.

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Attorney Mark Buterbaugh elected President of Shippensburg School Board

Mooney in the Community: Attorney Buterbaugh elected President of School Board

Mooney in the Community: Mooney & Associates takes pride in the communities we serve and many of our attorneys and staff give back to our communities.  Attorney Mark A. Buterbaugh was re-elected last evening as President of the Shippensburg School Board.

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vocational expert role in social security hearing

What is a Vocational Expert’s Role in my Social Security Disability Hearing?

When you attend a Social Security Disability hearing, you’ll meet with a Social Security Judge, a court reporter, and a vocational expert. Learn more about vocational experts and the role they may play in your disability hearing.

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Harrisburg Social Security Disability Approval and Hearing Wait Times

There is a nation-wide backlog for Social Security Disability hearings, keeping many people from receiving benefits. Learn more about the average hearing wait time in Pennsylvania for Social Security Disability hearings and the benefits of having strong representation.

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social security disability appeals

Social Security Disability: The Five Step Sequential Process

How do Social Security Judges evaluate Social Security Disability appeals? There is a formalized five-step sequential evaluation process to determine if a claimant should be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. Learn more about the five steps.

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Social Security Disability Claim

Proving your Social Security Disability Claim

Social Security Judges’ have a formalized five-step sequential evaluation process to determine if a Claimant should be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. Learn the steps and how to make sure you receive your benefits.

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Find out if it's possible to have social security and SSI at the same time

Social Security Disability and SSI at the Same Time?

When you qualify and are approved for social security disability, are you eligible for social security supplemental income? We explain how to qualify for these two programs and help you figure out what options are available to you.

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