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Mooney & Associates wins work injury

Mooney & Associates wins work injury case involving pre-existing knee arthritis and total knee replacement

Mooney Atty Mark Buterbaugh helps a local woman receive the compensation she deserved after needing knee surgery despite her employers attempts to deny it.

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7 Biggest Workers Compensation Myths

The Seven Big Myths About Pennsylvania Workers Compensation

Let Mooney & Associates Attorney Mark Buterbaugh help you understand 7 of the most commonly misunderstood or mistaken myths when it comes to PA Workers Compensation Law.

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be cautious of year end settlement offers

Injured Workers Should Be Cautious With Year End Settlement Offers

With 2018 on the horizon, insurance carriers are tying up loose ends before the new year. This can lead to settlements to claims that aren’t ready to be settled, carried out in the name of convenience. Read on for advice that will help you decide what’s right for you.

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Mooney & Associates office and greencastle attorneys

Mooney & Associates Opens a Greencastle Office!

Mooney & Associates is pleased to announce of the opening of our 14th law office in Greencastle, PA. The location will offer legal serivices for personal injury, criminal defense, family law, business law, and more.

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Can you reopen a workers comp claim?

When Will I Get My First Workers Compensation Check?

If you’ve been injured on the job and are out of work, your workers compensation check is important to the financial stability of your family. Do you know when you can expect your check? Read more to find out.

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be cautious of year end settlement offers

Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Settlement Realities

When you’ve decided you want a workers compensation settlement, it’s important to what comes next. We help you understand what are some realistic settlement expectations so you can make the right choices for you and your family.

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Veteran discounts available at Mooney & Associates

Veteran Discounts for Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Cases

At Mooney & Associates we are proud and grateful for the service our military veterans have provided this great nation. We offer military veterans an array of discounts on legal services when using our law firm. Learn more about the options available to you.

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Find out why illegal drug use can put your workers compensation at risk

Termination for Illegal Drug use Negates Workers’ Comp Benefits

Illegal drug use can have a profound impact on your ability to obtain workers compensation benefits. If you are on illegal drugs when hurt at work and if you are terminated for cause, it can have an affect on wage loss benefits. Learn more.

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Ex-Pittsburgh Steeler loses bid for Workers Comp Benefits

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruled against former Pittsburgh Steeler DB Ainsley Battles in his bid to obtain workers compensation. Learn how more about why the bid failed and what that could mean for your workers comp case.

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