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With Winter Weather On The Way, Be Careful With Slip and Falls at Work

Slip and Falls in Snow or Ice

Winter weather is in our forecast.  Some areas of Central Pennsylvania could see between 5 and 8 inches of snow this week, mainly on Thursday.   With snow and ice here, drive ways, parking lots, and sidewalks become very slippery.  Take extra time and be careful.

What happens if you slip and fall at work on ice/snow and injure yourself?  Then what?  No matter what, If you injure yourself at work, you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

I see many of these slip and fall injuries at truck terminals and warehouses and distribution centers where truck drivers or dock workers slip and fall while loading or unloading trucks.  I see these type of injuries where employees have to walk from one building to another, or where maintenance staff go between locations.  Additionally, many employees work off the employer’s premises, and may slip and fall on another property (here, the injured worker could potentially have a third party claim against that property owner).

These slip and fall injuries are frequent and can lead to devastating low back, neck, shoulder, knee , and concussion injuries.  Take extra precautions during hazardous weather.  Take a look around the area to determine the condition of the area, walk slower, avoid carrying things in slippery conditions, take extra precaution in getting in and out of vehicles, and be cautious of wet floors upon entryways to buildings.  Work injuries can be, and many times are, financially, emotionally and physically devastating.  So use extra caution.

If you do slip and fall and injure yourself, it is imperative you follow the three initial steps:

  1. Tell your employer about the slip and fall and how it happened.  Tell your employer that you are injured.  Ask for a work injury incident report.
  2. Seek medical treatment immediately. Ask your employer where to go to get medical treatment.
  3. Protect your rights and benefits by calling Mooney Law right away for a FREE consultation at 833-MOONEYLAW.  Don’t risk dealing with your employer and workers compensation insurance carrier on your own.

For more information on Workers’ Compensation, visit us on the web at Mooney Law.  We have 17 offices throughout Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland and can meet and discuss your case for FREE.

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