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Can I Reopen my Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Claim?

Can you reopen a workers comp claim?

A common question I am asked regarding Pennsylvania workers compensation is — can I reopen a workers comp claim? It’s a good question and one that is best answered with an experience Workers Compensation attorney.

This issue arises when injured workers return to work after the initial work injury or move on to a new employer. Then suddenly, the injury returns. Depending on the facts of your individual situation, you latest injury could be related to the original injury, and hence you can see a Reinstatement of benefits, or the injury may be considered a new injury.

Whether or not you can reopen a workers comp claim is face sensitive. Additionally, the filing of a Reinstatement Petition has timelines in which it can be filed. That is why it is critical to call Mooney & Associates to get a FREE consultation regarding your Pennsylvania workers compensation claim. We will help you wade through this complex area of law.

Often times, if an injured workers recovers and returns to work with a new employer, then subsequently, the pain returns, we may end up in litigation with two different insurance carriers. Each insurance carrier, one from your former employer and one from your current employer, will try to shift liability for your new symptoms one another. Our expertise will help guide you through that litigation.

It is important to remember though, if you settled your claim from your work injury, then that case can never be re-opened, no matter is the same exact symptoms return. That is why it is vital to consult with an experienced Workers Compensation attorney BEFORE you settle your case. Settling your claim has a tremendous impact on your Workers Compensation rights.

Count on Mooney

Mooney & Associates offers FREE CONSULTATIONS. We will sit down with you and help you determine whether settlement is the right choice for you and whether you are receiving an appropriate settlement amount for your claim. Our legal team has decades of experience in complex workers compensation cases. We stand ready to assist you in your time of need and you know you can Count on Mooney, whatever your legal need.

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