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Pennsylvania releases the maximum 2019 Average Weekly Wage for Workers Compensation

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has released it’s 2019 average weekly wage rates for Workers Compensation. The average weekly wage determines the corresponding compensation rate that an injured worker is paid while out of work due to the work injury.

Correct calculation of the average weekly wage is critical in a Pennsylvania workers compensation case.  The average weekly wage determines what you are paid when out of work and is the basis of any settlement of a workers compensation claim in Pennsylvania. The average weekly wage calculations should included bonuses and overtime. Often, the calculation made by the workers compensation insurance carrier is incorrect or inadvertently did not include overtime, bonuses, or concurrent wages. Concurrent wages would be wages you made at a second job that you working at the time you were injured at work.

A small error in the calculation of your average weekly wage could mean thousands of dollars to you. Let’s take a look at an example.

Let’s assume you are injured at work in 2019 and your average weekly wage is calculated to be $500.00 per week. That would provide a weekly compensation rate of 90% of $500.00 per week, which would be $450.00 per week. So you would be paid $450.00 per week while out of work. Let’s then assume you eventually settle your case for two years of benefits. That would provide you a settlement of $46,800.00. Now, let’s assume that your average weekly wage was calculated incorrectly, the insurance carrier had wrong wage information or forgot overtime in the calculation. Let’s assume then your average weekly wage should have been $560.00 per week, instead of $500.00 per week. At $560.00 per week, your weekly compensation rate would be disability rate would be $504.00 per week. A two year settlement at $504.00 per week would be $52,416.00. By having an incorrect average weekly wage, you would have cost yourself an additional $5,616.00 because of a $60 per week mistake. That is why it is so cortical to make sure your statement of wages in your case reflects an accurate average weekly wage.

So what are the 2019 average weekly wage rates?

First, the maximum compensation rate for 2019 is $1,049.00 per week, increased from $1,025.00 per week in 2018. The new total average weekly wage chart for 2019 will be published int he Pennsylvania Bulletin on December 22, 2018.

If you have been injured at work, don’t tackle an insurance carrier and your employer by yourself. Your benefits and rights are too valuable. To ensure you wage calculations are correct, that you do not sign forms that you should not sign, that you get the medical treatment you need, and that you get the benefits the Act provides and that you deserve, call Mooney Law right away for a FREE CONSULTATION. See what your case is worth — for FREE. Call Mooney Law at 833-MOONEYLAW.

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