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Concussion Case Settles for $117,500 in Harrisburg

Learn more about the harrisburg worker compensation case where mooney won a $117,500 concussion case

Attorney Mark Buterbaugh recently settled a Harrisburg workers compensation claim in involving a concussion client in the amount of $117,500.

We represented an injured worker who suffered a head injury when a bar he was using came back and hit him directly in the head.  Originally he suffered a bruise on his head, but as time progressed, he began developing headaches. These type of injuries are typical in warehouses, distribution centers, and shipping and receiving type jobs. Also common is the fact that concussion symptoms wax and wane, progress and regress, and change over time. That often draws skepticism from the workers compensation insurance carriers. In fact, many concussion type cases are denied from the start.

In the instant case, the injured worker was fired soon after his return to work from full disability. That too is not uncommon. The employer used the excuse of ongoing performance as a reason for termination.

That is when Mooney & Associates got involved with his case. We immediately filed a Claim Petition on behalf of the injured worker and the case went into litigation. Not only did we litigate the petion, but we were able to get the injured worker a referral to Penn State Hershey. That is important. Not only do we want to vigorously fight for our clients, but we want to get them well. The injured worker had headaches off and on. After taking doctor depositions in the case, we were able to settle his case for $117,500.00. It was a healthy settlement for a concussion case. Better yet, our client keeps improving, having less and less headaches.

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