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Five Steps to Take When Injured at Work in Pennsylvania

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There are certain steps that you should take when injured at work.  These steps should be taken right away to protect your benefits and rights under the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act.

First important step to take when injured at work

It is important that when you are injured at work, to report the injury to your employer immediately.  Many work injury cases are denied because of a delay in providing notice to the employer of an injury.   Tell your supervisor.  Tell human resources.  Write down in a log or a note on your smart phone that you reported the injury and to who specifically you reported the injury to with your employer.   Even if the injury appears to be minor at the moment, report it. Injuries have a way of flaring up or worsening the next day.  There are statutory deadlines to reporting an injury, but the simple and cleanest way to avoid that is to report it immediately.  Additionally, don’t be shy about reporting the injury.  Ask your supervisor for an injury report.

Second important step to take when injured at work

Seek medical treatment right away.  This is just as important.  If your employer provides a panel list or a doctor to see, then go.  When you go to the doctor, tell the doctor in detail how you were injured and what all body parts were injured.  That’s important.  Although you may hurt your shoulder and knee, your shoulder hurts worse.  So, the tendency then is to focus on the shoulder.  However, the knee injury could end up being worse later.  The idea here is to report to the doctor any and all injuries you sustained.  It is also very important to disclose any and all pre-existing conditions you may have had on that body part.  By way of example, if you injured your shoulder ten years ago and had no problems since that time, you should still tell the doctor about that injury ten years ago and that you have not treated for it since then.  If you have a pre-existing condition in your back and you injure your back at work, describe to the doctor the differences in your symptoms from your pre-existing condition to the symptoms experiencing from the work injury.  Honesty and truthfulness go a long way in establishing credibility.

Third important step to take when injured at work

Adhere to work restrictions your doctor provided to you. Let me explain.  First, after going to the doctor, it is important to provide your employer the work restrictions you may have been provided by the doctor.  You should always ask your doctor for your latest work restrictions at every visit and then provide them to your employer.  Your employer has a right to accommodate your work restrictions.  They cannot do that if they do not know what restrictions were provided to you.  Additionally, make sure if you return to work under work restrictions that your employer is only providing you work within those restrictions.  If they are not, tell them and document it.  Restrictions are very important in a workers compensation case.

Fourth important step to take when injured at work

Document.  Document.  Document.  Write down how you were injured, who you told about the injury, and names of any witnesses that may have been present when the injury occurred.  Keep a log of communications with your employer and specifically who you talked with at the employer.  It helps protect you and remind you of all the steps you have taken regarding your work injury.

Final important step to take when injured at work

Call Mooney Law right away for an absolutely free consultation.  That consultation can be in person or by phone if you are hesitant because of COVID-19.  When you are injured at work, you are dealing with a skeptical employer.  You are dealing with an even less skeptical insurance carrier.  Your employer may even be trying to bully you about the injury.  Why?  It is costing them and the insurance carrier money.  BUT, for you, the rights and benefits afforded to you by the PA Workers Compensation Act are just too important.   We know your rights.  We know the benefits.  We know workers compensation.  We have collected millions and millions of dollars on behalf of injured workers throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland.  It’s a simple call.  And, the consult is FREE.  Call today at 717-200-HELP or 833-MOONEYLAW.


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