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A Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer You Will Like

Personal Injury Law

To put it mildly, the public is not fond of personal injury lawyers.  You’ve heard the jokes.  Admittedly, some of them are funny.  And there’s no doubt, some personal injury lawyers do not reflect well on the profession.  Those are the guys hanging around emergency rooms trolling for clients or handing out business cards at accident scenes.  Both practices are highly unethical, repulsive and not only say a lot about the lawyers but also about how they may treat you as a client.


However, most lawyers have their clients best interest at heart.  Personal Injury lawyers serve as a crucial check against big insurance companies that make more money for shareholders if they pay car accident victims less for their claims.  Personal Injury lawyers hold large companies like Johnson and Johnson responsible when Talc products cause cervical cancer in women.  Personal Injury lawyers hold employers responsible when they try to take advantage of workers injured on the job.   Personal Injury lawyers stand up for kids hurt by landlords who refuse to take appropriate measures to protect children from lead paint.


The fact is without personal injury lawyers, working class Americans would have nowhere to turn when large corporate entities victimize them.  That’s why at Mooney Law, we’re proud to be lawyers standing up for accident victims and the working people of Pennsylvania.  We’ve got the best jobs in the world.  Everyday we get to help people salvage a decent life from the wreckage of another person’s carelessness.  That’s highly rewarding.


If you have been injured in a car accident, injured at work, or injured because of the negligence of another, don’t hesitate to put someone on your side that stands up to large insurance companies.  Call Mooney Law today for a FREE consultation to discuss your case. Call 717-200-HELP to schedule your free consultation.

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