| Blog | Pennsylvania Workers Comp Judge Grants Wrist Injury Burn with Post-Injury Infection

Pennsylvania Workers Comp Judge Grants Wrist Injury Burn with Post-Injury Infection

Pennsylvania Workers Comp Judge Grants Wrist Injury Burn with Post-Injury Infection

Mooney Law recently won a case before a Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Judge (WCJ) for a client who suffered a minor wrist burn while working as a welder.   His injury was initially denied by his employer.

In this case, our client suffered a small burn on his hand while training as a welder for a local manufacturer in Chambersburg.  The burn led him to seek medical treatment.  However, subsequently he suffered an infection in his wrist from the burn.  The infection led to hospitalization and continued to disable him from work because of wrist pain and numbness.  We filed a claim petition on behalf of the injured employee.

In prosecuting our client’s claim petition, we put on the testimony of the injured worker and took the deposition testimony of the injured worker’s treating doctor.  The Judge found our medical evidence more compelling and credible than the independent medical examination doctor of the employer.  Specifically, despite the IME doctor testifying that the infection was not a result of the burn, the WCJ found otherwise.  He found that the burn was a work-related injury, that the subsequent infection was related to the work injury, and that the infection caused nerve related symptoms in the claimant’s wrist.  Overall, it was a complete win for our client.

So what happens when a WCJ makes a decision and grants a claim petition?  In this case, the WCJ awarded wage loss benefits back to the date of injury, which was clear back to 2018, awarded payment of all medical bills related to the entire work injury, and awarded ongoing weekly wage loss benefits until such time the claimant’s benefits are suspended or terminated.    Our client can continue to treat for his wrist injury and the workers compensation carrier must pay all related medical bills.  In summary, he will get a lump sum check for past due wage loss benefits due him back to 2018 and then will begin receiving weekly wage loss benefit checks.  Additionally, since the claim petition was denied, the WCJ awarded statutory 10% interest on back wage loss benefits owed to the claimant.

At Mooney Law, we take every step to assist our clients.  That includes developing strong medical evidence.  At times, we even refer clients to specific medical providers that understand workers compensation and are outstanding doctors.  Often, my clients are frustrated with their medical treatment.  We can help.

At Mooney Law, we vigorously represent injured workers.  We are not a law firm that just wants to settle the case and get that fee.  Settlement is not always in the best interest of the injured worker.  We are litigators and are more than willing to take cases to decision to fight for the rights and benefits our clients deserve.  If you have been injured at work, talk to us.  We can meet with you in anyone of our fourteen offices or, given the COVID-19 pandemic, we can provide a phone consultation.  Our Workers Compensation consultations are FREE.  Call today at 833-MOONEYLAW or 717-200-HELP.

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