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Most Injured Workers Don’t Know They May Be Due More Than Just Workers Comp

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We’ve seen it before.  A worker is injured on the job and their workers’ compensation attorney simply focuses on getting Workers Comp wage loss benefits from the employer.  Perhaps they are unaware, didn’t realize, or did not spot the fact  that the work accident was caused by another, such as a subcontractor on the job or another driver (a third party).  There may be additional recovery from that third party.


This scenario usually plays out in a few different ways.  First, it occurs often in construction where multiple subcontractors are working together simultaneously. One of the other subcontractors was responsible for the injury.  Second, we see it in work-related motor vehicle accidents.  The injured workers is driving a company vehicle and is hit by another person.  There may be recovery available from the other driver.  Third, we see it often where an injured worker is injured by a machine malfunction.  Perhaps there may be recovery against the machine manufacturer, or a repair company that repaired the machine that malfunctioned.  Sadly, the opportunities for additional compensation are often missed and the injured worker is the one that pays the price.


The best way to avoid leaving money on the table is to hire an experienced Pennsylvania or Maryland Workers Comp lawyer.   At Mooney Law, we have the experience and proven results.  We have a full Worker Comp, Motor Vehicle, and Personal Injury department within our firm.   If you are injured on the job, call Mooney Law for a FREE consultation at 833-MOONEYLAW or 717-200-HELP.  If you believe another party caused your injury, talk to your Mooney Law attorney about it.  It could make a big difference in your compensation.

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