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Charged with a violent crime?

You’re facing a life-changing charge for violent crimes. You know you need an attorney, but you have no idea where to turn. Without a strong criminal defense lawyer, you will almost certainly face jail time, large fines, and a period of parole and probation. When you’re facing assault charges, there is no time to waste.

Contact the criminal defense attorneys of Mooney Law to build the strongest defense against these serious charges. Under our practice area of violent & serious crimes, we have experience handling cases that include:

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Mounting a Strong Defense for You

Not all cases of assault are clear-cut. Even though the charge seems daunting, numerous defenses for violent crimes exist. For example, a violent crime may be committed as a means of self-defense or in order to defend another person. When a reasonable person feels threatened by an attack, that person may use reasonable means to prevent injury. In many cases, mitigating circumstances exist which may reduce or negate criminal culpability. This is why you need to contact the assault attorneys of Mooney Law, to prepare a comprehensive defense for your violent and serious crime charges.

Defending Violent Crimes

When facing violent crimes charges, you need a comprehensive and aggressive defense from experienced attorneys you can trust. Our attorneys and staff work hard to provide our clients with a level playing field. Corky Goldstein and the attorneys at Mooney Law are ready to be the passionate advocate you can count on.

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