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The Three Main forms in Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation

When a worker is injured at work in Pennsylvania, the employer/insurance carrier, herein referred to as ‘employer’, is required to accept or deny the claim within 21 days of the report of a work injury.  Failure to do so can lead to penalties against the employer. When you report an injury, the employer can issue […]

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In Workers Comp, what is a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

After medically treating for an extended period of time or being on workers compensation wage loss benefits for a period of time, your doctor may discuss with you the possibility of undergoing a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE). That brings confusion for injured workers. What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation? How does it impact your workers’ […]

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Central Pennsylvania fork lift accidents on the rise

The Interstate 81 Corridor from Hagerstown Maryland, to Greencastle, to Chambersburg, to Shippensburg, and to Carlisle continues to see growth and expansion in the distribution/warehouse sector. Shippensburg has seen growth on both Exits 24 and 29. With that expansion comes more distribution jobs and the need for forklift and pallet jack operators. One of the […]

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Can Social Media Effect My Workers’ Compensation Case?

The answer is simple.  Yes, social media can impact your workers’ compensation case.  I have seen it.  Social media postings can impact any litigation. The big point to understand is what post on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, is not private.  Once you post, share, or tag it is public regardless.  Even if […]

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What is Mediation in Pennsylvania Workers Compensation?

Mediation in Pennsylvania Workers Compensation is common practice with cases in litigation.  It also occurs when cases are not in litigation, but the injured worker and the insurance carrier have a desire to settle the workers’ compensation claim. In 2006, amendments to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act were enacted that included mandatory mediation requirements.  If […]

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Mooney Law wins Appeal on Employee or Subcontractor Status in Workers Comp

Mooney Law Partner Mark Buterbaugh recently won an Appeal before the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Appeal Board regarding whether an injured worker was deemed to be an employee or a subcontractor.  Mooney Law won the case before the Workers Compensation Judge (WCJ), but the Defendant Employer appealed the decision to the Appeal Board.  Prior to the […]

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Five Steps to Take When Injured at Work in Pennsylvania

There are certain steps that you should take when injured at work.  These steps should be taken right away to protect your benefits and rights under the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act. First important step to take when injured at work It is important that when you are injured at work, to report the injury to […]

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Pennsylvania Workers Comp Judge Grants Wrist Injury Burn with Post-Injury Infection

Mooney Law recently won a case before a Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Judge (WCJ) for a client who suffered a minor wrist burn while working as a welder.   His injury was initially denied by his employer. In this case, our client suffered a small burn on his hand while training as a welder for a local […]

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Back Injuries are Frequent in Pennsylvania Workers Comp

Back injuries are some of the most frequent work injuries I see in my workers compensation practice.  That makes sense considering there on average over 1,000,000 work-related back injuries in the United States every year. The spine is the bone structure that protects the important bundle of nerves connecting your body to your brain. Think […]

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