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Separated But Still Owe the Nursing Home?

As couples age, the relationship that was once held together by a tight bond of affection may grow apart with time. Couples split and resolve their differences, possibly amicably, without the involvement of the court. However, failing to receive a divorce decree from the Court can result in an estranged spouse being held personally liable […]

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What to do with Stimulus Checks for Deceased Loved Ones

As Mooney Law has guided families through the estate administration process amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we have addressed the new challenge of how to handle stimulus checks made payable to a deceased loved one. The CARES Act provided payments up to $1,200.00 to qualifying Americans to help weather the pandemic. In the haste of the […]

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Protecting Parents and Elder Law

COVID-19: A Parallel to Caring for an Aging Parent

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented disruption in our lives, forcing us to rearrange our daily routines and confront the fragility of life, not too dissimilar to the challenges faced by families caring for an aging parent. While many feel compelled to remain home to avoid exposure to the virus, other families recognize the uncertainty and […]

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Elder Law Last Will and Testament

No Last Will, No Problem

As though the loss of a loved one wasn’t challenging enough, families must navigate the estate administration process of honoring a loved one’s wishes, or lack thereof, without much direction. The first step is to determine whether your loved one had a signed, original Last Will and Testament expressing his or her final wishes.  Estates […]

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Estate Joint Accounts

Whats wrong with Joint Accounts when it comes to Estates?

Joint ownership on assets is not the solution for all challenges that arise in estate planning and financial management.  Oftentimes, joint ownership can compound the complexity of estate planning and benefits qualification because with joint ownership comes additional obligations and risks. Below are a few points to consider that make joint ownership a beneficial and […]

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Elder Care and Nursing Homes

Splitting the Bill: Who’s Paying for Mom’s Nursing Home

Out of respect, indifference or confusion, children of elderly parents tread lightly on the topic of how a parent uses their finances. While a child should be considerate and always act in accordance with authority granted through financial powers of attorney, children must recognize that they may need to account for their parents conduct at […]

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Selling The House To Pay For Nursing Home Care

Selling the Family Home to Pay for Nursing Home Care

When a family admits their loved one into a long term care facility, they are confronted with the challenge of selling the family home to pay for such care. Uncertain of which realtor to contact, how to clean out the property, and how to value the property, the process can quickly become overwhelming for a […]

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Pennsylvania Death and Estate Tax

The Truth About the Federal Death (Estate) Tax and Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax

A 40% Death tax!? Then add on Pennsylvania inheritance tax!   More people ought to be concerned about the prospect of paying up to 40% Federal Estate Tax on their assets when they pass away.  However, rest easy knowing that a 40% levy on your assets upon your death is unlikely to occur. The vast […]

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Pennsylvania: Non-Probate does not mean Non-Taxable in Estate Law

At Mooney Law, we have had to address recent confusion related to the taxability of non-probate assets. In order to probe the issue further, we must first understand the basics of estate administration. In Pennsylvania, Probate is the process by which a loved one’s assets and debts are gathered upon their passing. Assets are converted […]

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