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Criminal Law

PA Superior Court Overturns 40 Years of Sentencing Practice and Procedure

Recently in the case of Commonwealth v. Simmons the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that criminal defendants facing violation of parole of proceedings cannot be resentenced on probationary sentences that haven’t begun. While this may sound confusing, the end result is that there could be hundreds, if not thousands, of incarcerated individuals in Pennsylvania who are […]

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There is never a good time to get a DUI. In addition to possible jail time, probation, fines, community service, Drug and Alcohol evaluations and ever-growing court costs, there is the collateral consequence of having your driving privileges suspended. If you get caught driving while your license is suspended for a DUI and convicted of […]

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“Pennsylvania has long been at the constitutional forefront in recognizing the vital necessity of prior judicial approval of searches conducted by governmental officials, obtained through the warrant process, in order to maintain the fundamental right of the people to security from unreasonable searches and seizures.” – Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Debra Todd On December 22, […]

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PA Supreme Court Upends Preliminary Hearings in Pennsylvania

In a very important decision, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court changed the nature of preliminary hearings throughout the Commonwealth by holding that the prosecution can no longer simply rely on hearsay evidence alone to hold a criminal defendant over for trial. This decision expressly overrules previous decisions of the Superior Court, and much to the chagrin […]

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PA Supreme Court Rules That Those On Probation May Not Be Prevented From Using Medical Marijuana

On October 30, 2019, using it’s extraordinary King’s Bench power, The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania issued a ruling temporarily preventing probation departments from enforcing policies that prohibit the use of medical marijuana by those under their supervision. On June 18, 2020, the Court made that ruling permanent. The matter concerned a challenge to a Lebanon […]

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Criminal Law

PA Supreme Court Rules Pennsylvania’s Sexually Violent Predator Statute Constitutional

In a long awaited decision, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has ruled that the statutory scheme used in the Commonwealth to designate certain individuals convicted of sexual offenses as sexually violent predators (SVPs) to be lawful. In Pennsylvania, anyone convicted of any one of the enumerated sexual offenses contained in the Sexual Offender Registration and […]

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DUI and DWI Arrest

PA Supreme Court Rules On Issue Critical To Mandatory Sentences For Repeat DUI

On November 20, 2019, The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania decided the case of Commonwealth v Mock. The Defendant in the case committed a DUI on June 3, 2006, which resulted in a conviction on March 27, 2007. More than ten years after committing this offense, but roughly nine years following his conviction, the Defendant committed […]

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Marijuana Convictions

Marijuana conviction in Pennsylvania. Apply for pardon now!

Pennsylvania residents who have been convicted of non-violent marijuana offenses should apply for a pardon, and the Commonwealth will expedite that process, according to Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman. As part of the plan to try to eventually legalize recreational use of the drug in Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf announced just last month that his first […]

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Speeding Cameras in Work Zones

New Pennsylvania Law Will Allow Cameras and Enforcement Devices in Active Work Zones

Legislation has recently been signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf adopting a five-year “pilot” program that will allow for cameras and electronic equipment to be installed in work zones on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, interstate highways, and other state-maintained roads to monitor the speed of vehicles. This comes as part of several-years long initiatives to […]

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