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Estate Joint Accounts

Whats wrong with Joint Accounts when it comes to Estates?

Joint ownership on assets is not the solution for all challenges that arise in estate planning and financial management.  Oftentimes, joint ownership can compound the complexity of estate planning and benefits qualification because with joint ownership comes additional obligations and risks. Below are a few points to consider that make joint ownership a beneficial and […]

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome From Work

Can Carpal Tunnel Syndrome be Work-Related?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that can be caused by work-related activities.  Usually, this occurs when work activities are repetitive in nature. What is carpal tunnel syndrome and how do I know if I have the condition?  Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve is compressed.  The median nerve runs through your arm […]

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Pennsylvania workers compensation

Pennsylvania Releases 2020 Average Weekly Wage Rates for Workers Comp

Each year, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Bureau of Workers Compensation releases the new state wide Average Weekly Wage (AWW) chart for Pennsylvania Workers Compensation.  The Bureau has released the 2020 rates.  The average weekly wage is an important calculation that establishes your weekly wage loss payment, should your claim be accepted. Your […]

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DUI and DWI Arrest

PA Supreme Court Rules On Issue Critical To Mandatory Sentences For Repeat DUI

On November 20, 2019, The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania decided the case of Commonwealth v Mock. The Defendant in the case committed a DUI on June 3, 2006, which resulted in a conviction on March 27, 2007. More than ten years after committing this offense, but roughly nine years following his conviction, the Defendant committed […]

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Worker Hurt On The Job

Why is my employer denying my work injury?

In Pennsylvania, work-related injuries are common. I frequently hear frustrations from clients over why their claim was denied.  In Pennsylvania, employers have the right to deny a workers compensation claim.  They may do so for several reasons.  Here is a list of the TEN most common reasons a workers compensation claim is denied. 1.  Lack […]

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Pennsylvania workers compensation

Maryland Court of Appeals Issues Ruling on Workers Comp Settlement Finality

The Maryland Court of Appeals has issued a recent ruling on the finality, otherwise knows as, a ‘full and final’ settlement of workers compensation benefits.  In the case at bar in this decision, the issue before the Court revolved around subsequent death benefits. In the Matter of Collins, 242 Md. App. 188, 213 A.3d 794 […]

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Marijuana Convictions

Marijuana conviction in Pennsylvania. Apply for pardon now!

Pennsylvania residents who have been convicted of non-violent marijuana offenses should apply for a pardon, and the Commonwealth will expedite that process, according to Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman. As part of the plan to try to eventually legalize recreational use of the drug in Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf announced just last month that his first […]

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Separation and Child Custody

The DOs and DONTs Of Child Custody

Child custody cases can be frustrating, time consuming, and difficult to navigate. Many parents want what is best for their children but are not sure what to do (or not do) to strengthen their cases. Here are the dos and don’ts in a child custody action.  DO co-parent with your ex. As difficult as this […]

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Vehicles In Personal Bankruptcy

Can an emergency bankruptcy filing stop mortgage foreclosure on my home?

Can filing an emergency bankruptcy petition stop the mortgage foreclosure process?  The answer to the question is that an emergency petition could be your only option to stop the mortgage foreclosure process. Although we do not encourage emergency filings, one thing that is clear though, is the fact that at times, they are necessary.  We […]

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