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Mooney Law wins Appeal on Employee or Subcontractor Status in Workers Comp

Mooney Law Partner Mark Buterbaugh recently won an Appeal before the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Appeal Board regarding whether an injured worker was deemed to be an employee or a subcontractor.  Mooney Law won the case before the Workers Compensation Judge (WCJ), but the Defendant Employer appealed the decision to the Appeal Board.  Prior to the […]

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Five Steps to Take When Injured at Work in Pennsylvania

There are certain steps that you should take when injured at work.  These steps should be taken right away to protect your benefits and rights under the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act. First important step to take when injured at work It is important that when you are injured at work, to report the injury to […]

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Free Phone Consultations At Mooney Law Until November 30

Mooney Law is offering FREE phone consultations due to the COVID-19 pandemic from now until November 30, 2020.  COVID-19 cases are rising in areas we serve in Pennsylvania, across the Commonwealth, and across the nation.  We ultimately knew we would head in this direction as fall and winter approached. To protect our staff and attorneys, […]

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Mooney Law Opens an Office in Lemoyne to Serve the West Shore

To better serve a growing client base on the West Shore, Mooney Law has opened a new office location in Lemoyne

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Pennsylvania Workers Comp Judge Grants Wrist Injury Burn with Post-Injury Infection

Mooney Law recently won a case before a Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Judge (WCJ) for a client who suffered a minor wrist burn while working as a welder.   His injury was initially denied by his employer. In this case, our client suffered a small burn on his hand while training as a welder for a local […]

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Petition To File For Bankruptcy

How will Bankruptcy Impact my Credit Score (Part III)

First, you can read the first two parts here . . .  Part I  and Part II As we’ve seen, since merchants began allowing buyers to purchase on credit, the transactional relationship always favored the merchant.  That is, until 1971 when the FCRA was passed.  When you think about the long history of lending, then […]

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Back Injuries are Frequent in Pennsylvania Workers Comp

Back injuries are some of the most frequent work injuries I see in my workers compensation practice.  That makes sense considering there on average over 1,000,000 work-related back injuries in the United States every year. The spine is the bone structure that protects the important bundle of nerves connecting your body to your brain. Think […]

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How will bankruptcy impact my credit score? (Part II)

“How will bankruptcy affect my credit score” continued….  In my last blog we covered the History of credit.  This portion of the series highlights the history of credit reporting.  Then using these 2 blogs, we have built the historical context of the credit reporting industry and can better understand how credit scoring works today (which […]

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Do I Have To Go Before a Workers Comp Judge?

Many injured workers in Pennsylvania have to go before a Workers Compensation Judge.  Many do not.  Depends on various factors of your claim. If you are injured at work and are not missing time from work or your employer and insurance carrier have accepted your claim, at least initially, you may not have to come […]

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