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PA Workers Comp: Average Weekly Wage Adjustments for 2013

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry in early January published the new average weekly wage rates for 2013. Learn more about the rate that dictates your actual compensation rate if you are out of work due to an injury.

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panel doctor

Treating with Your Employer’s Panel Doctor

Do you know the standard rules regarding treatment with your employers panel doctor? Your treatment with a panel doctor can impact your workers compensation case – learn the rules to protect your rights and your benefits.

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How long do you have to report a work injury to your employer? Read to find out

The Work Injury Notice Requirement

Do you know when is the right time to give your employer your work injury notice? Learn the legal expectations for when you should inform your employer of a work injury and how to protect your rights and benefits.

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Attorneys on courthouse steps

Hearing Location Change for Shippensburg Approved!

Mooney & Associates recently went to bat for injured workers in Shippensburg, PA and recently succeeded. The PA Department of Labor & Industry has approved our request to have Shippensurg compensation claims are heard in the Chambersburg hearing location.

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Pennsylvania Court Denies Facebook Discovery | Mooney & Associates

Allegheny County Court Denies Facebook Discovery

The Allegheny County Court has denied Facebook discovery in a motor vehicle accident litigation case. Find out more about the ruling and how it appears to be in line with other Pennsylvania based Facebook discovery requests.

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OSHA Fines

Shippensburg Business Handed $49,000 in OSHA Fines

A Shippensburg business, Shippensburg Domestic Castings, Inc, has been slapped with $49,000 in fines from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Learn more about the case and the company’s repeated violations.

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workers compensation hearing location

A Request to Change the Workers’ Compensation Hearing Location for Shippensburg

Mooney & Associates has formally requested to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry to consider a change in workers’ compensation hearing location for residents of the Shippensburg, Pennsylvania area. Read more to learn why.

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gm recall

Massive GM Recall for Chevy Cruze 2011 & 2012 Models

General Motors is recalling all 2011 and 2012 models of Chevy Cruze for risk of engine fires. The recall applies to over 400,000 vehicles. Learn more about the reason for the recall and the potential dangers of these vehicles.

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Learn the rules regarding being treated by a company doctor after a work injury

Must I Treat with a Company Doctor for my Work Injury?

Many of our clients that have been injured on the job are unsure if they are required to treat with a company doctor. Learn more about the statue regarding panel doctors and what is legally required of you in during the workers compensation process.

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