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workers compensation

Offered a Workers Compensation Settlement? Now what?

So you’ve been offered a workers compensation settlement – do you know what to do next? It’s important to make sure you aren’t giving up any rights and that you’re getting a fair deal. Learn more about what to do when you’ve been offered a settlement.

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mortgage payment

Why Did My Mortgage Payment Go Up?

Has your mortgage payment gone up but you don’t know why? There are a number of reasons why this may happen and we’ve listed some of the more common reasons. Read more to learn which reason applies to your situation.

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Can you reopen a workers comp claim?

When Will I Get My First Workers Compensation Check?

If you’ve been injured on the job and are out of work, your workers compensation check is important to the financial stability of your family. Do you know when you can expect your check? Read more to find out.

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Child custody and social media

Custody & Social Media

It’s tempting to use social media to garner sympathy in a custody. However your behavior on social media can often negatively impact your custody case. Check out some helpful tips on how to handle social media when you’re seeking custody.

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Cohabitating Before Marriage

The Untold Legal Realities of Cohabitating Before Marriage

Fighting about property and asset division in a divorce can be challenging, but it might be worse when the couple did not enter into a marriage as the legal rights of each are minimal and sometimes blurred. Learn more.

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Are children liable for parent's medical costs?

Children Liable for Parent’s Medical Costs

In 2012 Pennsylvania became the first state to to hold a child liable for their parents nursing home bills. Learn more about what this means and how this could potentially impact you and your loved ones.

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rental agreement

What About My Stuff?

How long are land lords legally required to keep tenants personal belongings? Read more about how the Landlord-Tenant Act of 1951’s amendment set forth new rules regarding the abandoned property of tenants and what that means for you.

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be cautious of year end settlement offers

Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Settlement Realities

When you’ve decided you want a workers compensation settlement, it’s important to what comes next. We help you understand what are some realistic settlement expectations so you can make the right choices for you and your family.

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how to be a better parent after separation


Divorce and shared custody can be emotionally draining for both the parents and the child. Learn more about effective co-parenting in the wake of a divorce to ensure your children grow up happy and emotionally healthy.

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