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Student Loans and Filing Personal Bankruptcy

Many people who file personal bankruptcy also have student loan debt.  The obvious question they have regarding student loan debt is how that debt is treated in bankruptcy.   Let’s first start with the fact that in most cases, student loans are non-dischargeable debt.  That means they survive bankruptcy.  At the end of your bankruptcy, […]

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Mooney’s Rising Star, Attorney Mark Buterbaugh, Is Also a Super Lawyer

Mooney Law is proud to announce attorney Mark Buterbaugh has been named a “Rising Star of Pennsylvania” and “Super Lawyer” for his outstanding work in Personal Injury and Workers Compensation law.  Only 5% of lawyers in Pennsylvania are designated “Super Lawyers” and even less, 2.5%, are named “Rising Stars.” John Mooney commented, “We’ve always known […]

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Selling the Family Home to Pay for Nursing Home Care

When a family admits their loved one into a long term care facility, they are confronted with the challenge of selling the family home to pay for such care. Uncertain of which realtor to contact, how to clean out the property, and how to value the property, the process can quickly become overwhelming for a […]

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PA Workers Comp: Degenerative conditions lead to Workers Comp denials, but are not a bar to benefits

In Pennsylvania Workers Compensation, insurance carriers frequently deny claims based on X-Ray or MRI findings that may reveal a degenerative condition.  The injured worker is usually puzzled because they never knew they had a degenerative condition.  They never experienced any symptoms and never sought any medical treatment. So what’s the deal? We see workers compensation […]

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The Truth About the Federal Death (Estate) Tax and Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax

A 40% Death tax!? Then add on Pennsylvania inheritance tax!   More people ought to be concerned about the prospect of paying up to 40% Federal Estate Tax on their assets when they pass away.  However, rest easy knowing that a 40% levy on your assets upon your death is unlikely to occur. The vast […]

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Child Support and Your Tax Return

At this time of year, most people anticipate receiving their tax refund. They usually have plans to purchase bigger ticket items or pay down debt. If you pay child support, your tax refund may not be as much as you think. If you do not make your required child support payments throughout the year, arrears […]

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Facts about a Pennsylvania Workers Comp IME exam

In nearly all Pennsylvania workers compensation cases that involve litigation, the injured worker must attend an independent medical examination (IME). In fact, workers compensation insurance carrier are entitled to an IME every six months. Often I have clients ask just what is this examination all about. Here are a few facts regarding IME exams in […]

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What is considered income for Pennsylvania Child Support?

Many clients ask the question of what is actually considered income for Pennsylvania child support. Generally, income is based upon at least a six month average of all of an individual’s income. This includes income from every source, including: Wages, salaries, bonuses, fees and commissions; Net income from business or dealings in property; Interest, rents, […]

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Medical Marijuana and Pennsylvania Workers Compensation

On April 17, 2016, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf signed into law the Medical Marijuana Act (MMA) legalizing medical marijuana for treatment purposes in Pennsylvania. Since that time, a few clients have had questions regarding a medical marijuana prescription and the interplay with a workers compensation claim. Here is what I can tell you. The legality […]

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