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Mooney Law is opening a new office in Waynesboro, PA

Mooney Law is expanding their Franklin County presence by opening a new office in downtown Waynesboro.  The new office will be located on the square in the old M & T Bank building at 13 West Main Street.  The office will begin servicing Waynesboro clients on August 1, 2019. The new Waynesboro location will be […]

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Mooney & Associates attorneys in York PA offer legal consultation and representation for civil and criminal cases.

Mooney Law’s York Office Adds Wednesday Evening Hour

York County is one of Mooney Law’s busiest counties in Central Pennsylvania. To further meet the needs of our York County clients, Mooney Law2 is expanding our York Office evening hours to two days per week. Our York office will continue to offer evening hours every Monday from 5PM to 7PM.  However, the office will […]

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Mooney & Associates attorneys in Gettysburg PA offer legal consultation and representation for civil and criminal cases.

Gettysburg Office adds Wednesday evening hours

Due to increased needs, Mooney Law’s Gettysburg Office is expanding evening hours to two days per week. Our Gettysburg office will continue to offer evening hours every Tuesday from 5PM to 7PM.  However, the office will expand evening hours to Wednesday as well, from 5PM to 7PM.  For both evening hours, no appointment is needed […]

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What to expect at a child support conference

When we discuss divorce, custody, and child support with clients, child support almost always increases concern and uncertainty among clients. Once a child support complaint has been filed by a party, a child support conference is scheduled. What is and what should a client expect at a child support conference? A child support conference is […]

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A Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer You Will Like

To put it mildly, the public is not fond of personal injury lawyers.  You’ve heard the jokes.  Admittedly, some of them are funny.  And there’s no doubt, some personal injury lawyers do not reflect well on the profession.  Those are the guys hanging around emergency rooms trolling for clients or handing out business cards at […]

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Most Injured Workers Don’t Know They May Be Due More Than Just Workers Comp

We’ve seen it before.  A worker is injured on the job and their workers’ compensation attorney simply focuses on getting Workers Comp wage loss benefits from the employer.  Perhaps they are unaware, didn’t realize, or did not spot the fact  that the work accident was caused by another, such as a subcontractor on the job […]

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Declaring Bankruptcy Can Be Smart Financial Strategy. Just Ask President Trump. Ask A Mooney Law Bankruptcy Attorney

Like him or not, President Trump is an indisputably cunning businessman.  He’s a billionaire who has built an international real estate empire and brand.  And he has unapologetically declared Bankruptcy several times throughout the decades.   Bankruptcy has it’s stigma.  Is the stigma of bankruptcy keeping you from taking advantage of what could be the […]

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Had a Stroke? A Good Social Security Disability Lawyer May Expedite Your SSD Award

Strokes are the third leading cause of death in Pennsylvania.  And those that survive strokes are often disabled, unable to work or enjoy their lives in the same capacity as before.  That’s why the state of Pennsylvania passed legislation in 2017 to improve access to appropriate medical care for stroke victims.    However, the Social […]

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Attorney Wade Parker named Top 15 Consumer Bankruptcy Law in Pennsylvania

Attorney Wade Parker, senior Bankruptcy Counsel for Mooney Law, has been named to the National Advocates Top 100 and specifically as National Advocates Top 15 Consumer Law attorneys in Pennsylvania. This prestigious recognition comes after years of hard work and dedication of representing individuals in personal bankruptcy.   Attorney Parker primarily represents Mooney Law clients […]

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